Technology | September 2017

Androcid launches ‘Unexplored Goa’ app featuring services and jobs in the state

Androcid has recently launched Unexplored Goa App – featuring Jobs and Services in Goa. The app allows getting an access to all urban lifestyle services and jobs in Goa all at one stop. The app also helps you to contact local professionals through trusted services to get things done that matter in your life. Choose from over 40+ services and jobs on the app to make your life easier. It’s now easy to find several skilled persons such as plumbers, electricians, yoga teachers, event planners etc. on the go. The app had more than 500+ downloads in less than 15 days and became one of the quickest app in Goa to attain this feat.

The app has also received funding from Facebook as part of its FB Start program. This is Androcid’s 3rd developed app to be selected in this program and that is a unique achievement for the tech company.

Androcid has previously run Goa’s largest crowdsourcing campaign “ATM Finder” last year which mapped ATMs with cash on a common space to allow users to find ATMs nearby. Using a similar concept, the product Unexplored Goa was built to crowdsource the information by the user – for the users in Goa or travelling to Goa.

A lot of job seekers love to access several apps and that was the major source of inspiration – “Data on the go.” We have mapped over 50 companies in Goa and their job listings which makes professionals across several fields to explore jobs available in your vicinity with a touch on the screen. You can find job openings and services using your device’s GPS. If you spot any information not bound to use or inappropriate, you can flag the same. Jobs can be searched based on Full Time, Part Time, Internship and also, people can look for co-founder in the company.

If you are a professional service provider, Androcid allows you to submit your service provider requests. You can also add a service or a job requirement post under corresponding category for free. Team Androcid will verify the content and get the listing approved within one hour. Currently, the app also features services that can help Goans during festivals with pandal makers, decorators and many more.

Prajyot Mainkar founder of Androcid said, “A lot of mobile users wish to have information while on the go and with Unexplored Goa we want to have more information in real quick time. We are using this data completely in a crowdsourced manner with verification. We have plans for more features in coming weeks. Not only will it boost local businesses, but will also allow additional tool for promotion of their business”.


Tooreest: an app that allows local tourist guides to earn extra income

Tooreest is a new smart phone app, developed by Singapore-based Tooreest Technologies devoted to developing applications for the travel industry. Tooreest is an Android mobile application that enables anyone to become a guide and earn an extra income while being an ambassador to the place they belong to. Tourists can find locals to guide them to according to their exclusive travel interests and to keep the bitter taste of travel scams away.

The app has a user-friendly interface and user experience that makes it very simple for anyone to use. A few clicks through the app and guides are able to sign up. Later, all that the registered guide needs to do is open the app and confirm booking requests. These requests provide him all the information needed to get to know the traveller’s requirements and also plan his schedule accordingly.

The booking process for tourists is also simple. Every traveller that makes a booking gets a booking code, which they give the guide once the service is completed. The guide uses this code to mark the service as completed and then get paid for the service. The payment can be made through PayPal, thus making this application a very secure and transparent platform. You can either sign up to be a virtual guide who gives quick answers and suggestions to travel related queries like taking a taxi, shopping, clubbing or even on getting discounted sight-seeing tickets via the in-app messaging service. The other option is to sign up to be a physical guide who is available to meet the traveller in person at the place and time requested. This helps the traveller to enrich his travel experience by exploring hidden places of interest and insider tips that are known only to locals.

There are two versions of the app, one for the guides, with a red icon, and the other for the travelers, differentiated by a blue icon. This works along the same lines as apps like Uber, which has one app for the drivers to register and manage customer bookings, and another for the customer to find drivers in their area.

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