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By Ankitha Joseph

Arihant Trading Company has developed as a partner and supplier of imported food products to some of the biggest names in the Goan market

Over the years, Goans have been migrating abroad for a better future and better career prospects. This has led to several debates and contradictions regarding the present Goan retail and manufacturing market. But among these contradictory opinions there exist true businessmen who have bootstrapped their business through their passion for entrepreneurship. Such is the story of Amit and Atul Jain, who have built an empire in the retail sector of Goa and have made available few of the best international brands for Goans.

It all started in the year 1994, when Amit Jain, the older sibling decided to do something beyond the usual and followed the path of becoming an entrepreneur. “At the age of 19 he (Amit Jain) started with Arihant Trading, wherein the marketing of Linc Pens was done in Goa and Karnataka,” says Atul Jain. He further adds, “We migrated from Jharkhand and still remember the tough days in Goa and had to start everything from scratch.” They overpowered the obstacles that came their way and went ahead to capture the market as the Channel Partner of Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd for the State of Goa.

So far it was just Amit handling the business, while the younger prodigy was yet to play his part in the making of a greater empire. Atul was pursuing his CA in Mumbai when he realized that he too had the business acumen to be a business partner to his brother. He left his internship half way to join Arihant Trading Company.

It wasn’t just today but Goa always held the title of one of the greatest tourist destinations in India, where the potential for the food industry is immense. “We sensed the potential that Goa had and this made us get into the business of importing food products,” recollects Atul. Bhatkal in Karnataka was dominating Goa when it came to imported products and the duo made frequent visits to the city to understand the market. Through their frequent visits, they read that the system was an unorganized one. This led for them to introduce a much more organized and systematic channel for their future customers.

Goa as a market had an entirely different concept of business compared to the north of India. Coping with the local language was one of the crucial shortcomings which was followed by others such as being in a much smaller and inconsistent market. Though an organized procedure was lined up for the prospects, the already leading chaotic market leaders were difficult to defeat. Over time, the brothers’ passion for business and the determination to complete all that was planned witnessed success. “It took some time and years of hard work and we have managed to stick to our motto of working with accordance to the government policies,” says Atul.

With the Arihant Trading Company, the Jain brothers’ sole motto is to bring the best brands and best quality products made available to the state of Goa. Today, Arihant has created a name and most importantly, a client base that has been with them for years together. “Our strength lies in honest business practices and hard work backed with excellent infrastructure and team of young dynamic executives.” From retail currently, the products and services have been diversified to HoReCa (a syllabic abbreviation of the words Hotel, Restaurant and Catering).

One of the USPs of Arihant is their efficiency to meet and cater to the requirements of all types of consumers who believe in high quality products. Atul says, “The strength of our business is that we carry a portfolio of products for the retail sector and have products to cater the HoReCa which gives us an upper hand.”

“Presently, the company has more than 6000 imported products to offer to the retail outlets which include chocolates, biscuits, wafers, jellies, juices, pastas, olives, candies, lollipops, sauces among the others. Within the HoReCa range included are all types of world cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Burmese, Mongolian and Continental to name a few. To further diversify, we added non-food imported products in toiletries, tissue paper and crockery. Today, in Goa, we are known as a distributor of imported foods in all forms offering a wide range of high quality products. We take pride in being associated with almost 80% of the importers who bring the finest of food products and beverages from virtually every corner of the world. Our splendid mix of products from across the globe ensures that the Goa market is filled with choices by brands premium in quality,” says Atul.

The essence of Arihant is held in their philosophy that premium brands are an experience above any other factor. The Indian retail food industry is acclaimed to be the industry of the future growing at the rate of around 30%, stimulated by accelerating urbanization powerfully affecting the transformation of food habits in the Indian society, which is witnessing a shift from traditional food eating habits to a more contemporary and westernized eating styles; and hence imported food products are gaining more and more popularity and acceptance.

At Arihant, their proactive model of doing business teamed well with their strategic and professional approach has the ability to be flexible, thus ensuring that their customers’ needs are met. The brothers are appreciated for their business and personal relations with their customers. Other than just reaching the products to their customers, Arihant Trading Company also goes out of their way and helps the stores with the placement of the products which acts as a bonus for the retailers.

Their large inventory of brands include American Garden, Monini, Diamond, Arcor, Cocoland, Batchelors, Capilano, Kraft, Tiffany, Prego, Valentino, Clorox, Barilla, Haribo, Pasta & Sauces, Figaro, Ceres, Granoro, Dana Jam, Dacecco, Scoti, Hersheys, Cadbury, Hello Panda, Koka, Lindt, Hintz, Munchys, Naturesmith Herbs and many more.

Besides this, they are also suppliers for five-star hotels such as Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Radisson, Goa Marriott and Cidade de Goa, among others. They also work closely with big retail chains and supermarkets including Magsons, Newtons, Delfinos, Ajays, Borkars, Home Center, Oxford, Kamat Mega Mart, Big Bazaar etc.

Over the last decade, Arihant has established and expanded its presence in the field of food brand and institutional food supply. Today, the company has emerged as the foremost player in Goa’s business space, and also have become a preferred partner and supplier to some of the biggest names in the hospitality business. Currently, they also have a tie-up with MRK Foods, a Mumbai based company which is one of the leaders in the HoReCa segment for food service supply all over India. When it comes to HoReCa, timely service, availability of products and competitive price allows them the edge over any other in the market.

“Our dream is to make the brand Arihant known to everyone in Goa and see that the products marketed are available at every corner of the State and becomes a part of every Goan’s life. We also dream of having a Gourmet and Beverages stores of Brand Arihant as soon as possible,” says Atul.

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