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By Ramrai Naik

Fluid and Power Automation is a complete service provider in the electrical business. The company is also known for their record time delivery

Anirudh Walawalkar and Anurag Walawalkar have set out their business journey by providing electrical solutions to the state. Consistent technology upgradation has played a pivotal role in their daily operations and given them an edge over many other competitors in this segment.

Fluid and Power Automation was founded in March 2017 as a partnership firm in Taleigao. Although it is a relatively new company, it has its roots in an established company, Friends Engineering Corporation (FEC) which was started in 2005.

33KV 240 sq.mm power cable from Bhuipal to Valpoi, a distance of 9.296 KM

The newly founded partnership firm Fluid and Power Automation was started for operational ease. As the owners says, the restructuring was the need of the hour as their parent company (FEC) operated on a bigger scale, thereby lacking pace in the decision making process – despite them being in the same business vertical of electrical and mechanical engineering contractors and consultancy. “For the convenience of expanding our sphere further, we started Fluid and Power Automation. We have done significant progress since 2005 in this particular field,” says Anurag Walawalkar.

Fluid and Power Automation is a license holder of 200KV from the Goa Electricity Department. The projects of electrification usually cater to hotels, hospitals, malls, villas, bridges, power stations, etc. Besides this, the company also deals with installing of heavy electrical projects like gensets, transformers, underground cabling, monopoles etc.

Fluid and Power Automation has successfully completed big projects which includes the sub-station at Altinho, Panaji; the erection testing and commissioning of pumping machineries across several Municipal Corporations in Maharashtra; upgradation of hospital facilities at Goa Medical College; underground cabling from Bhuipal to Valpoi sub-station; monopoles, work for Gera Developers, among many other projects. The company has also worked on electrification of the Fatorda stadium.

When it comes to big event projects, Fluid and Power Automation has completed the Old Goa Exposition, International Film Festival of India since 2006, Lusofonia Games etc. The IFFI project provided a major breakthrough to the Walavalkars, as it was one of the first big project the company had received under the banner of Friends Engineering Corporation. Event projects usually have stiff deadlines; this is where Fluid and Power Automation have earned a name for itself in completing those projects in a record time frame.

Presently, the company is involved in electrical work of two major bridges in Goa – the third Mandovi Bridge and the upcoming Zuari Bridge. The company is also working on big transmission towers across the state, Mushtifund High School, installation of LED lights and other electrification on the Miramar-Dona Paula route, etc.

“We take hotel projects for a minimum of 20 rooms or 10 Villas property. In the near future, we are looking at airports and Smart City as our prospective projects,” informs Anirudh Walawalkar. He adds, “Our biggest client is the government. We also work with top corporates like Milroc, Mangalam Casa Amora among others.”

“We are a complete service provider in the electrical business. We have our own consultancy team which takes care of all our projects. We have been known for completing projects in a record time span; and that is our unique selling point,” says Anirudh.

6.3 MVA Power Transformer along with associated equipment & workshop

Anurag feels that ‘leadership’ is all about staying innovative consistently, “as otherwise no company can sustain for a long time.” He continues, “We have to get associated with new technology. We have hugely invested in the automation software that will be useful for the upcoming smart city project of central government.” In a year’s time, the office of Fluid and Power Automation will be completely paperless. The company has already started the process of digitising their documents and archives.

Fluid and Power Automation has a strict work philosophy – to be sincere towards ones work and honouring the commitment made to clients. “If one particular client wants a project to be completed in a particular time frame, we are duty bound to deliver on that; and doing so without making any compromises on the quality,” states Anirudh.

“We have an organisational structure that is required for a professional company. We have a planning team which takes care of planning activities separately. We also have a business coach in Mahesh Pai. He has played a central role in strategising our business and advises us on most of the projects. It is because of him that doors of new opportunities have opened for us. Mahesh Pai’s advice has made it possible; and now we see the whole of India as a market for us,” he adds.

Fluid and Power Automation feels it has a lot of scope in Goa for future expansion of the company. “A lot of projects are coming up with big events and we have to ensure that we capitalise on them, so we would continue to build our team and expand it further,” says Anurag. Speaking more on the expansion, he adds, “We are now also expanding to other states like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh and we have already started work in that direction. We get a lot of enquiries from Uttar Pradesh and we have been constantly in touch with those clients.”

The management at Fluid and Power Automation feels huge responsibilities when it comes to government projects. As Anirudh opines, “Work culture, when it comes to government, is different altogether. You have to adjust constantly and have a lot of patience. Secondly, unlike the private companies where you are answerable to the owner, in government your work is been seen by the general public and that comes with a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders when we are taking up any government project. You have to work within your limitation and you are accountable to many people.”

Fluid and Power Automation has 7 experienced engineers. Most of them handle the sites independently. Decision making is done on a timely basis. The total staff strength is 27 in the company. Besides, the company has developed some sub contractors of their own.

Talking about hiring consultants from out of town, Anirudh says, “Master plans should not come from a consultant who is an outsider and who doesn’t know the whereabouts of the state. Whenever the government appoints an outsider in consultancy, all they (the consultant) do is take the local support and proceed with the project.”

The team works 24×7 for all their clients; and for any kind of shutdowns. “There are many electrical problems in hospitals and we work round the clock to solve them instantly. Hospitals are always priority for us. We do not seek financial gains from our dedicated service to hospitals. We give the best service in any kind of emergency to all our clients,” says Anurag.

Anurag and Anirudh feel there are lot of advantages to be working in a partnership firm and especially because they are part of one family. They believe that there is free flow of ideas and expertise that both of them bring to the table – this ultimately helps the company’s growth. Anurag Walawalkar completed his electrical engineering degree from KLE in Belgaum and then secured an MBA from Goa Institute of Management. Anirudh Walawalkar has studied for a Diploma in Fabrication from Goa Polytechnic Panaji. He then went on to pursue Mechanical Engineering at PCCE, Verna; and then secured an MBA from Goa University. On the organisational front, both are part of BNI and GEMS.

Anirudh and Anurag believe in giving back to the society by providing opportunities to young engineers who are usually rejected by others due to their lack of experience. The brothers believe in hiring such engineers and giving them an exceptional training on the field which ultimately makes them think for themselves or in some cases motivate them to start their own firm

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