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HR Networking Conclave

Enviro Skills, a young human resources organization conducted a fine HR Conclave in Goa

he first ever HR Conclave organized by a young human resources organization, Enviro Skills was held recently.

This session was power packed with industry stalwarts as speakers and HR managers from various companies across Goa joining as participants. The panelists consisted of Organization Development and Talent Analyst Kishore Shah; Atreya Sawant, Chairman of CII Goa Council, Dr. Radhika Nayak, Principal Dempo College of Commerce; Dr. Padmanabhan from Goa Institute of Management Studies; J C Pant, Ex Senior Vice President of Crompton Greaves; and well known Senior Trainer Clifford D’Silva.

The key topics of discussion were Improving Dignity of HR Personnel, Emergence of HR Forum, Improving Skill Development, Emerging Career Opportunities in Goa, and Contemporary HR Practices.

The inaugural speaker Kishore Shah, holder of Limca Book of Records and an established OD Consultant & Talent Analyst stated “the dignity of HR is under threat and anyone can take over the HR position”. He elaborated on this point by saying “It is observed that in India, management perspective and mindset perspective towards HR is different.” There are “Asymmetric filters” anyone who is handling general administration, Operations, or finance is considered capable enough to handle HR of the organization, as well; but the reverse is not true. There are only handful cases where HR has moved to lead the organization. Even the financial empowerment to a HR Manager is miniscule. He  lamented on the competency deficiency in HR personnel when it comes to business acumen, analytical ability, practical intelligence; and in light of this HR turns out to be a convenient punching bag.

He went on to express that majority of the Management students who opt for HR as their specialization also do so because it is easier compared to subjects like finance or marketing. He stressed on the need to find a way to build dignity of HR both as a function, as a department and a management specialization in academics.

The many challenges and opportunities especially pertinent to candidates as well as industries in Goa were discussed by Atreya Sawant who was able to throw light on aspects of job creation through upcoming projects like IT Park, Industrial Park and Mopa airport.

Atrey highlighted the fact that “a business opportunity today may not be available tomorrow.” He went on to explain the force behind CIBA which is a technology business incubator established with the support of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Government of Goa.

In the interaction that followed, it was felt that the lack of skilled employees can be filled up by an increase in the interaction between educational institutions and industry. It was suggested that internship could be made compulsory in colleges so that students can gain experience and improve their skills. Transparency in expressing business ideas should be an accepted norm.

Dr. Radhika Nayak, while expressing her views on the interaction between industry and educational institutes, stated “there is a mismatch between the mindset of employment seekers and available employment opportunities”. Most job seekers look only for government jobs due to the advantage of job security. The education system in India is such that there is no flexibility and much time is lost due to being unable to keep pace with the changing demand.

During the interaction, HR Managers of various organizations expressed their concern on the epidemic contractual mentality; there seems to be feeling of hopelessness due to rising uncertainty in business resulting into quick fix solutions the panellists gave their suggestions – like Human Resources department of different companies should proactively identify various projects that they can get done through college students and let the students get exposure to real working environment through these projects on a higher frequency; and scrap the traditional methods of industry-institute interaction which are becoming obsolete. Encouragement should be given to shift to the mindset from “job seekers to job creators.”

J C Pant spoke about HR strategies and major challenges faced in the HR industry such as identifying uniqueness in individuals, disruption in the environment and organization’s contribution.

Pant also highlighted some of the good changes in the industry in relation to human resources such as the pay package is no more rigid now and is quite flexible – flexibility in working hours, structure has become linear, processes are automated such as (leaves, foreign trips, expenses).

Dr. Padmanabhan who is working closely in making students employable, said that “we have to make ourselves available and skilled in order to be employed.” Securing degrees or diplomas should not be the aim of students or their parents, he said. Getting skilled while studying a particular subject is more important and it will increase the employability quotient of any student thus ensuring they get better employment opportunities and better pay packages. Corporates need to participate in this entire process.

Well known senior trainer Clifford D’Silva spoke about habit formation; and how just by believing something is going to happen, it automatically happens. He gave the audience and the panel members a much needed spiritual guidance thus uplifting everybody’s spirits. He said, “Once you believe it you will see it”.

On the successful teaming up with ‘ideaz unlimited’, the consulting firm of Kishore Shah, founder Enviro Skills, Suman Roy said “The vision behind creating such kind of a forum is to bring together the HR fraternity across industries for their own development which in turn will bring about a better work environment everywhere. The way ahead for this forum is to take this conclave to a whole new level by involving more established HR forums that are nonexistent in Goa now”.


Om Books Int’l launches Wendell Rodricks’ latest book Poskem: Goans in the Shadows

Om Books International along with Vivanta by Taj Panaji, Goa celebrated the launch of Poskem: Goans in the Shadows by Wendell Rodricks on 17th July, 2017. The elegant book on Goa’s best-kept secret was launched by Damodar Mauzo, Kimmy Katkar and Maria Goretti. On the occasion author Wendell Rodricks shared his experience of putting together the book, with the gathering.

Goans are presently experiencing the last generation of Poskim – young children taken in by wealthy families and retained most often as servants. In a narrative that spans Portuguese Goa to post the liberation of India’s golden state, Poskem: Goans in the Shadows takes the reader to locales from Bombay to Lyon, Pune to Paris, and into the world of the Poskim people and Goan recipes.

Through happiness and hope, despair and delusion, Rodricks writes of an unspoken, unheard of and shamefully silenced world of the last generation of a people that would soon be forgotten but for this book preserving their story for posterity.


Laughter at The Crown Goa

The Crown Goa has been buzzing with laughter this July as they were host to two of  India’s top comedians Nishant Tanwar and Abijit Ganguly. These shows were organized by the Goan Comedy Club and witnessed huge crowds who laughed their hearts out. The Crown Goa has become a popular venue for these shows due to its prime location in Panaji as well as its state of the art banquet hall. The next show which is scheduled on 30th July  features top comedian Anshu Mor and is guaranteed to be a full house.


‘The Pontin Secret’ by Sushila Fonseca released

Sushila Fonseca’s latest work, a fiction novel, called The Pontin Secret has just been released. It is a mystery cum thriller story in which Fonseca has interwoven aspects of suicide and cancer. The book has been received by readers with great enthusiasm.

Sushila Fonseca’s first work Rebecca’s Inheritance was published in 2002. Over the years, it was followed by Touched by Love, What I Should Know about HIV/AIDS, Good Health Practices, The Secret of The Diamond Ring, Know Your Fever and Invisible Currents.

Writing is a hobby, for Sushila Fonseca. She delves into her writing, to unwind after a hard day’s work at the laboratory and late at night thinks of the hook that she requires for her next chapter. She writes both fiction and non-fiction articles and books on topics of medical and social interest as she sees it, using her interactions with patients for inspiration. Her intention is to share her extensive knowledge and experience with youth and society at large, through uncomplicated and enjoyable stories, for she considers awareness as an important means of spreading the message of good health and morals. Her novels have touched on social issues like alcohol, HIV & amp; AIDS, equality in life, tuberculosis and drugs.

The Pontin Secret is available online on Amazon, Flipkart, etc and also at leading book stores in Goa. It is also available as a Kindle edition.


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