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By Meenal Bale

Clarence Henriques and Anoop Allen, founders of JoE – Jack of Events, both have a background in events. Read about what made these two youngsters join forces and venture out into entrepreneurship

Clarence Henriques, a Mechanical Engineer by profession was unintentionally introduced to the world of events as a part of the student body organizing committees at his college. “I started getting influenced by the comedy movement in India and I thought why not try and initiate some gigs over here. I threw it open for discussion with friends and that’s where it all started” says Clarence.

Anoop Allen had worked at a reputed event management firm for three and a half years, where he assisted in right from the phase of planning to execution – running around for marketing and promotions, and much more. Together, they decided to join hands and set up a company that would provide end to end event services.

Established in September 2016, the name ‘Jack of Events’ was inspired from the Jack in the playing cards. “A friend of mine once wrote ‘A jack of all is smarter than a master of none’; and since then, the concept has stuck with us. We have even designed our visiting cards around it,” says Anoop.

Their journey began with a stand-up comedy gigs but eventually they wanted to venture further into events. Right from the first show of Sourabh Pant – ‘My baby thinks I’m funny’ in September 2016 at Kala Academy (Panjim) to the interactive gig of Anu Menon (ex-Lola Kutty) at Ignia (Verna) in May 2017, they even produced the ‘WeirdassPajamaClubsmash’ in March 2017 at Ravindra Bhavan (Margao), with Amogh Ranadive, Radhika Vaz and Neville Shah, as a prelude to the WeirdassPajama Festival Goa 2017.

A few of their clientele include the All India Football Federation – Goa, Sun Sports Pvt. Ltd., Caculo Hospitality LLP, Pure Snacks Pvt. Ltd., Codon Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Lar Amorosa: Boutique B&B, Kudos Pizzeria (Vasco-da-Gama), Adinco Distilleries and BP speed, amongst others.

Providing a multitude of services, right from weddings, corporate services, branding solutions, to marketing strategies, JoE encompasses much more, truly living up to its name.

“We saw a growing market and decided to explore. We believe we have even altered the ticket pricing dynamics in the state. Because before us, comedy was said to be an expensive affair,” states Anoop.

Zeroing in on the venues, getting in touch with artist managers, took them a month to kick start and finalize upon an artist. But when they did, there was no stopping. They did Facebook promotions and supported it with a persistent Whatsapp campaign as well. Anoop handles the production and a bit of marketing, while Clarence is the man behind the numbers, looking after the strategy planning as well as artist management.

“I also have a lot of interest in the independent music scene. Nowadays if you go to any pub, you will see a live band playing covers. Whereas if you see the music scene in other states, people really appreciate original music. In Goa, it may take a while, but eventually, original music is bound to have more demand,” says Clarence.

Normally, when you think about a stand-up comedy show, you visualize a set stage with a fixed microphone and a seat. But the folks at JoE want to bring back the olden ways of comedy. “We are looking at unique ideas in the entertainment industry right now! Goa is become so hyped around EDM and clubbing; we want to change that aspect and get more live acts and crowd interactive shows into the picture. It becomes much more effective with a smaller crowd and we can experiment with various concepts too,” adds Anoop.

When asked what made them quit their jobs, Anoop says, “We have both worked in different professions earlier and realized that growth is dormant. And at the end of the day, there is nothing like being your own boss.” To which Clarence adds “Meeting new people, building a new network, in business that’s very important. We listen to our clients and try to provide marketing strategies and solutions that are unique” Clarence adds.

Currently, the duo has their hands full trying to bring out new engaging concepts into execution and wishes to focus on providing innovative services across domains.

“Even though we are a new company in the market, we have some good quality work to showcase. We work in a way that people will recommend us. Eventually, it all boils down to putting up a great show within a given budget and timeline; we wish to ace that,” concludes Anoop

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