Pan-Indian flavours at the Goa Marriott

This monsoon the WATERFRONT TERRACE & BAR, an all-day dining multi-cuisine restaurant at the Goa Marriott showcased a plethora of flavours from all round the Indian subcontinent.  With vibrant hues, fresh produce crafted to tantalize the taste buds of every guest with their Kebab Festival, divided over two phases, the 16 to 20 June and 23 to 27 June, offering unlimited kebabs with a sumptuous dinner buffet.

The common method for cooking kebabs in India is usually the Tandoor, a traditional clay oven heated by charcoal, thought to have originated from Punjab. But Executive Chef Pavan of the Goa Marriott has taken this a step further by using Legan, Tawa and Kadai to carefully curate a menu of Kebabs from all round the Indian subcontinent. Savoury tender meats, Paneer or Potatoes, infused with Indian spices, locked by a skewer and cooked over a fire. The Tandoori Kebabs included such creations as Mahi Tikka, Fish marinated with carom seeds, yellow chilies, yoghurt and ginger garlic paste, cooked in the Tandoor to perfection giving it a smoky aroma. For the vegetarians there was Tandoori Aloo, Potato barrels filled with spiced mash, flavoured with raisin, green chilies and ginger. The Kadai Kebabs were deep fried in a traditional Indian utensil called the Kasai, deep heavy based wok like dish


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