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Karl Teles has his state-of-the art experience centre in Vasco, ‘iCHOS’ (Greek: ēchos, “sound” that showcases brands that are world leaders in audio and video technology

By Ankitha Joseph

Karl Teles
Karl Teles

An audiophile is a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. When you focus on the sound and get the clarity and harmony that the musicians have laboured to perfection over weeks or months, you understand the passion of audiophiles.

      A passion that was observed in Karl Teles since his childhood, took the shape of iCHOS three years ago. From gearing up his own audio gear to helping his friends and family, Karl did it all till he realized that it was time to change what was just a fascination into a passionate occupation. “I am thankful to my dad who actually introduced me to ‘separates’ when everyone else used to boast about their ‘all-in-ones’ with 6 CD changers,” Karl recollects. A small step taken by his dad led to the enterprise at the forefront of quality lifestyle.

      According to Karl, it was no cake walk. When the company started, one of the main challenges that Karl had to face was to introduce Stereo and Home theatre setups which are all about clarity and soundstage, but it was difficult for the masses to understand the concept. “Everyone wanted to be louder than the next door neighbour. People would think higher price is directly proportional to how loud the setup would sound – which isn’t true.”

      Karl and his team provide first-hand experience in understanding clarity and quality, hence giving the best on offer to all their clients.

      iCHOS stands to be the only destination in Goa where one can experience Ultra high-end audio and Lifestyle gear on demo. Without relying totally on online reviews and opinions, iCHOS helps the client understand what they need to hear and make appropriate decisions for their personal spaces, which fit their lifestyle – of course, with a little guidance from the team.

      What stands out the most about iCHOS and its services is their dedication in delivering the best to their customers. Budget is important, but equal importance is given to the client’s requirements. Clients find satisfaction in the services offered by iCHOS for their customized solutions.

      “During the first interaction with our clients we try and understand their basic requirements, genres of music they are fond of, brand affinity and not just the regular yardstick of clients’ budget which is important but, for iCHOS, it’s not the only factor. To summarize, iCHOS stands for Bespoke Audio,” says Karl.

      The remarkable services offered by the company is not just a vision by Karl Teles but also the most efficient team that iCHOS holds. A great team of an acoustician, an interior designer and an automation consultant makes iCHOS reach the heights that it has scaled today.

iCHOS has become Goa’s destination to experience the best in audio technology
iCHOS has become Goa’s destination to experience the best in audio technology

      iCHOS focuses on offering the best services to all its clients which includes designing houses to be future proofed for cabling and communications. iCHOS is into consultations on stereo and home theatre setups that includes proposal, sale, installation and calibration; multi-room audio automated and controlled through one’s phone and sound isolation for spaces with high decibel level like clubs and pubs that operate close to residential areas, so that they don’t remain to be a disturbance to the neighbourhood.

      They also do automation for the entire house that includes lights, curtains, audio/video, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), irrigation and security. Unlike others from the same field, iCHOS uses a hybrid system that encompasses both wired as well as wireless network.

      “At iCHOS, we try and offer a solution which we think is best suited for the client, taking into consideration his requirement. Thus we deal with the entire gamut of brands unlike with other dealers where you are only given a select few choice of products.”

      One of the most updated technologies is discrete speakers for home theatres which can be found at the experience centre of iCHOS for the convenience of the architects and clients.

      Some of the prestigious brands that have chosen iCHOS as their exclusive distributors are PMC, Manger Audio, Octave, AVM, Bel Canto, Joseph Audio, Transparent Cables, Rega, Kii Audio, Kuzma, Emotiva, Barco, Agath. For automation, they distribute Fibaro, Control4 and Rako lighting systems. All the weather outdoor systems available at the centre are by Sonance and Terra. Recliners and seating systems are made available by Little Nap and Moovia; the brands are known for their explicit levels of customization unlike other brands.

      They also deal with handcrafted Belgian handmade switches, designer fireplaces, electro chromic glass, where the transparency can be controlled by automation. The brands at iCHOS are world leaders in their respective fields, thus delivering high quality services to their clients.

      With such exclusive high quality deliverance, it is of no surprise that iCHOS has a remarkable clientele base. Their clients include numerous residential and private theatres in North and South Goa, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru. One of the latest commercial projects undertaken is the two miniplexes at 1930 Vasco by the NRB Group.

      iCHOS looks forward to reach out to its clients through a ‘vinyl club’ they have created. The members of the club meet once in a month for a listening session. They are also soon planning to launch a high-end fidelity audio group and reach out to more music enthusiasts.

iCHOS’s lavish experience centre offers a first hand demo of the best brands in audio
iCHOS’s lavish experience centre offers a first hand demo of the best brands in audio

   While the experience centre in Goa is doing extremely well, they also have great support coming from clients in Pune and Bengaluru. Soon iCHOS is planning to expand into those markets too.

      iCHOS assures to make available superior audio technology in Goa with their wide range of high quality products and services. Every budget, every space will find its best fit with iCHOS.

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