“Small is an opportunity, not a problem”

Piyush Pandey

Piyush Pandey

National Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather India and Vice-Chairman of O&M Asia-Pacific

“I’m extremely delighted and its wonderful to be here in Goa, at the Business Goa Awards for Corporate Excellence. Business Goa is a truly fantastic magazine to have. Rajasthan, to be precise Jaipur – the place I was born, is almost ten times the size as that of Goa, and yet it doesn’t have a business magazine, so congratulations for that!

The smaller you are the greater passion you have and I think for me Goa is filled with people who exude immense passion. I’m a half Goan, because my wife lives here and so we spend a lot of time in Goa, and I like being here as well.

‘Small’ is actually an opportunity, and not a problem like most people would assume it to be. The smaller we are as a state,the bigger the opportunity we have to grow. This is when we can really put ourselves out there and make our mark.  I’ve seen a lot of small brands out here in Goa, whether its a travel and tourism brand, or something like a much bigger business involved like mining, it really doesn’t matter. The entire scope of making things happen is much bigger than we realise.

Start ups are fantastic because the smaller you are, the bigger a startup you can launch because you havent got much to fear about. You have a chance to think clear and big, plan bigger and thus, create magic. In my opinion the territory of Goa gives us the opportunity of flying.

A lot of you are winning awards today, for excellence in your respective fields, but awards don’t really matter to me, it’s the  impact you’ve created that matters the most. Awards are a bonus to your achievement and today you’re receiving your well-earned bonus. Earn the bonus but tomorrow morning promise yourself that you will get up, take a fresh guard, and say “I’m batting on zero and I’m going to make the world rock!”

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