This is the sixth year in succession that we have hosted the Business Goa Awards for Corporate Excellence. This magazine was launched in 2009; and in the year 2012, we decided to take a step further and honour the most deserving and game changing business persons, businesses, business ideas and entrepreneurs of the state.

The amazing thing about the Awards is that in the past six years, we have awarded 163 business ideas, entrepreneurs and businesses. This is a laudable feat, because our state is unfortunately saddled with a negative notion that there is no business in Goa.

The awardees this year, and in the years gone by, prove exactly the opposite – that Goa has a very strong and vibrant economy and business community. They may not be on par with what we see in the metros, but it’s a very different kind of ecosystem that we have here; and people have been successful in business. In fact, just to give you an example, the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the prime industry body is 110 years old. That should say a lot about the kind of heritage and lineage we have with business in the state.

Taking it to the next level, in 2014, it was Nana Bab Bandekar who inspired and supported us to take the idea of the Awards a few notches higher, and here we are today four years hence from 2014, that we have taken the idea of Business Awards in the state of Goa to the next orbit. I hope we keep doing better, because our benchmark every year keeps on increasing and going higher and higher. We compete with ourselves every year and this has been, I won’t just say satisfying, but a gratifying feeling that we have been able to outdo ourselves every year.

Besides, hosting the Awards every year, the idea of the magazine has always been to be a kind of a forum for knowledge dissemination; and we have had with us some of the most inspiring speakers over the last six years. In fact, this year, we were lucky to have two of the greatest and biggest names in their businesses in the country, today.

We had with us Piyush Pandey, the most revered advertising name in not just the country, but in the world; and we had Rajdeep Sardesai, one of the most celebrated faces in the media and news business.

I have been asked this question a few times, ‘why are media persons the only kind of people who come in and address us at the Awards?’ One of the reasons is that media people are not pigeonholed to one aspect of life; they have to know something about everything and everything about something. And it is their out-of-the-box thinking which can help people understand the knowledge factor in this entire exercise of giving out the Awards to Goa’s most deserving business line-up.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Awardees this year; and I hope that they do better every year and create more business, generate more employment and help the Goan economy along the way, while running their own enterprises.

The tracking of probable awardees is a year-long exercise for us at Goa’s only business magazine. As we are keyed in to the best performers in the space of business and excellence, we are privileged to recognize contribution in these areas and fete these high performers.

It is humbling, when people who have scaled the top echelons of their lives and service to society, walk up to me and say that the Business Goa Award has inspired to do them to contribute even more to their corporate or social ecosystem. I think that this is the true success of the Awards over its small but significant journey.

Putting together an event of this magnitude would not be possible without the support of sponsors and partners. On behalf of Business Goa and presenting sponsors, NRB Group, I thank each and every partner and my high-octane team who make the grandest corporate awards show a huge success.

We abide to live by our mantra to honour and felicitate every significant contributor of business in Goa in times to come.

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