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Playing a successful part in major sectors of the Goan market, Primeslots Pvt. Ltd. remains to be one of the top players in Goa; and heads to make the state proud at a national level, too

Primeslots Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading infomedia groups in Goa came into existence as a result of the hard work and initiations taken by its Director, Pradeep Palyekar.

Pradeep Palyekar Founder-CEO, Primeslots
Pradeep Palyekar
Founder-CEO, Primeslots

Hailing from Paliye, a small village in Pernem taluka, Palyekar aspired to bring about remarkable changes in the society. A mechanical engineer by profession, Palyekar moved to Panjim in the early 1980s in search of a good job. After several years of struggle, he started Primeslots in 2003. A friend of Palyekar approached him with the idea of bus shelters, as he was unable to execute it. Palyekar took up the challenge and went ahead with the concept which hadn’t reached the Goan market till then.

Though the main intention was to make profit out of the business, for Palyekar, the idea of providing service to the masses meant the most. “It used to hurt me when I saw people standing in the sun waiting to board their respective buses. And that’s how I realized that I wanted to go ahead with the idea of bus shelters. I signed a contract with the Corporation of the City of Panjim and I got the opportunity to start,” recalls Palyekar.

At the beginning, finding investors to support the idea was difficult, as the already established companies also saw no potential in his plans. The immense criticism poured was not enough to shake the confidence that Palyekar had in himself and his work. He went ahead with his plans and eventually met success. Even today, what he considers to be his biggest strength is to remain positive and in good terms with all internally and externally involved in this field.

A bus-shelter by Primeslots Pvt. Ltd
A bus-shelter by Primeslots Pvt. Ltd

Finding people to advertise on the bus shelters was another task as many didn’t know of the effectiveness of such an idea in advertising. But putting complete belief in his idea, State Bank of India (SBI) extended help and became the first to advertise on bus shelters in Goa. The response was positive and gave Palyekar the go ahead with his future initiatives. In 2005, Palyekar led out a new trend in the Goan market that came to the help of many people; ATM on Wheels.  This first-of-its-kind banking operations and a revolution in the banking system was the ATM on wheels initiative that was conceptualized, designed and managed by Palyekar himself, “I feel proud saying that I conceptualised this idea. Being a Goan, it makes me feel even better that I started off with a concept which will eventually spread all over the country.” Once again, SBI reposed their trust in me by working hand in hand with the ATM on wheels project. The project made huge success in Goa and later moved to Pune, where once again the idea was appreciated and moreover accepted wholeheartedly. ATM on wheels is successfully functioning in Pune, Vashi and Hyderabad and will soon be launched in Mumbai, as well. Apart from ATM on wheels, Palyekar also introduced mobile branding in Goa.

Primeslots Pvt. Ltd further expanded its reach in Goa through many other ventures such as Primeslots Events Pvt. Ltd, Primeslots Advertising and Outdoor Media, Primeslots Freshbites: Food and Snack outlets all over Goa, Primeslots Real Estates and Primeslots Hospitality and Hotels. Apart from these, Primeslots Events Pvt Ltd also holds the Goa franchise of Indian Idol Academy which trains youngsters from 5 to 15 of age in music. The academy works in association with Karmayog and Freemantle USA.

A hoarding by Primeslots Pvt. Ltd. alongside the Airport - Panjim Road
A hoarding by Primeslots Pvt. Ltd. alongside the Airport – Panjim Road

Primeslots Events mainly targets corporate and government aided events. Last year was truly successful with a couple of good events namely the first edition of the Serendipity festival. Prime Slots did the licensing for Serendipity and added to the strength they already held in the Goan market. Primeslots Pvt. Ltd is the official media partner from Panjim for the Swach Bharat Mission as well.

With the increasing number of media companies, Palyekar does not consider competition a threat. Instead he believes that more than competing with other companies, he is only trying to make his presence known in the market. Palyekar likes to look at criticism as only suggestions coming from experienced people.

According to Palyekar, there are several outsiders who have invaded the Goan market, “Why to give it all to them when we can have our market with the Goans,” questions Palyekar. He further adds “I don’t believe in competition because we can be successful only if we are all working together. With so many people entering the market, we all need to sustain ourselves; and for that purposed coming together under one umbrella or association among  Goans is most important.”

Palyekar also mentions that Goans shouldn’t fight amongst each other. Rivalry cannot be present if one wants to sustain in the market. Also crucial is the quality of services provided – if high standard is maintained, it will keep the consumers pouring in which is ultimately what all are looking out for. He also states that unfortunately there is a lack of skilled people and many aren’t making complete use of their potential. Youngsters too, should try and explore the scope that is present in Goa before shifting to other towns for employment. With something new being introduced every day, people also need to adapt to new techniques and ideas which isn’t happening in reality. New ideas are important to sustain the market.

After nearly 15 years of establishment, one factor that is very fascinating about Primeslots is that they haven’t had any marketing team so far. “We do not have a marketing person in our organization. Why to keep a messenger between the customer and us when we have already created our brand name and are present everywhere through our remarkable services.”

For the near future, Primeslots Pvt. Ltd has got a lot planned. A digital magazine is the most recent in their plans followed by many more. A true Goan by heart, Pradeep finds peace and satisfaction in this little state, but as for the business to grow, he feels that moving out and expanding is crucial. “Prime Slots has got the potential and I think we should move from Goa to achieve more. Our concepts and ideas are limited here and moving out will help us make use of our potential to the maximum extent,” says Palyekar.

Pune, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Hyderabad are few of the towns that are waiting to be coloured in the creativity that the brand is all set to bring. Primeslots also hopes to enter the electronic media soon through advertising.

Making its mark in several sectors including events, hospitality, real estates, cuisine, advertising and media, Primeslots is a true Goan brand for all the services it offers to the Goan community.

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