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Today, a well-known name in the state, the idea of getting into catering was not even an option for the Amoncar family, fifteen years ago. With a variety in Indian, Chinese, Tandoor, and Goan as its specialty, the Amoncar Classic Caterers was officially founded in 2008 and later on added an array of multi-cuisine menus to its forte. Currently, it caters to customized orders and packages, right from Italian and Thai, to Japanese and Continental as per the custo
mer’s requirements. Each package for each customer gets specifically designed, keeping in mind the kind of crowd that is being catered to. A recent addition is catering for Jain food.

Pardosh Amoncar
Pradosh Amoncar

“My father had a small paan shop that we later converted into an omelette shop. Keeping up with the changing trends, we established a snacks café, followed by taking up a canteen within a college premises. Slowly climbing the ladder, we later entered into a full-fledged catering business” says Pradosh Amoncar, proprietor of Amoncar Classic Caterers.

A self-made individual, Pradosh has a basic and simple business rule – whether the catering is to be done for 100 pax or 10,000 pax, the quality of the food and service has to be maintained at par. “It is indeed a huge challenge to procure labour for outdoor caterings, but our service doesn’t get affected at any cost. We ensure that on the day of the event, everything is set, keeping in mind all the possible shortcomings that we could face,” says Pradosh.

Right from catering to engagement parties and weddings, to socials and private parties, from birthdays, thread ceremonies (Munj) to destination wedding events, Amoncar Classic Caterers has many specialities, one of the popular ones being that of providing live food counters at buffet setups  – be it a simple snacks counter or an elaborate dosa, roti and tawa-paratha counter, a delicious pasta counter or an exotic salad counter,  a pizza counter, a coffee counter, an LED counter or even an ice carving. Not to forget, the live fried fish counters – peri-peri, rava, masala or even cafreal; you name it, they have it.

They also provide different table decor that add value to the entire theme of the occasion.“For the last six years, I have been visiting AAHAR, the International Food and Hospitality Fair hosted in New Delhi, to ensure that our working style remains up-to-date. We also keep in mind the fact that each set of cutlery and crockery used during the various catering ocassions, can also be customized upon request, be it a steel set or bone china,” he adds.

Amonkar Caterers Amoncar Classic Caterers listens to the needs of its customers. Seeing the popularity of the fast food and rolls, they also included Shawarma counters into their menu. Yet an addition has been that of Molecular Mixology, where they provide different combination of beverages with dry ice. “For all the ice-cream lovers, we have also added a new counter for live ice-cream rolls freshly prepared with a variety of toppings,” states Pradosh.

The standardized packages are priced at  Rs.200/- + taxes for a minimal vegetarian cover of 700 pax and Rs.350/- + taxes for a minimal non-vegetarian cover of 300 pax. Although more renowned for being a wedding and reception caterer, Amoncar Classic Caterers have also stepped into the field of corporate catering, thus establishing a name for itself across industries ranging from hotels and hospitality to industrial organizations.

Pradosh has also recently acquired a franchise of the Havmor ice-cream parlour in Bicholim. Apart from that, the family looks after ‘Koteshwar Takeaways’ that provides a glimpse into the Amoncar’s hospitality, and serves food on the go. The family provides employment to more than 30 individuals across its ventures.

Amonkar Caterers When asked if Amoncar Classic Caterers wished to expand its horizons outside the state, Pradosh said that currently, they are in a well to do position where they have a strong footing in Goa. Sometimes, there are inquiries only for Goan cuisine, and although the deal is lucrative, travelling all the way just for one specialty is logistically not feasible. Yet, in the future, they wish to slowly overcome this hurdle as well. “I am no chef. I neither have any formal training, nor have I undertaken any course. But just as when I eat something outside, I wish for it to be up-to-the-mark; I too expect to deliver the same. Initially, for the Goan specialties, my mother used to be a hands-on support in the kitchen, herself cooking using home-made masalas and supervising the overall operations. Eventually, we hired chefs and help, who were trained over a period of time to self-sustain and gain expertise in preparing as well as serving, a variety of cuisines. My family and my wife have indeed been a huge support in making my business a success,” states Pradosh.

Pradosh is one of the founder members of the Federation of All India Catering (FAIC) and also wishes to establish a Catering Association of Goa (CAG). Elaborating on being awarded and felicitated for his continuous efforts towards the organization, he concludes “FAIC has provided me with tremendous support and networking opportunities to grow my business. Being in a demanding industry such as us, there will always be competition. But, there is also a huge scope for business. Trust is the main factor for building a rapport with the client, and with united networks, collaborating with fellow caterers to pull off high-end orders, will be a practical as well as a financially sound thing to do. I believe that this will be beneficial to all and hence it is my request to all caterers to unite and build one strong force to reckon with.”

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