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Pallavi Salgaocar takes her passion for baking to new heights with Desserts N More


PALLAVI SALGAOCAR Founder-CEO, Desserts N More
Founder-CEO, Desserts N More

Having gained a reputation for its top class quality of desserts, pastries, savories, cookies, in the last three years since inception, Desserts N More – a brand owned by Pallavi Salgaocar, has expanded its presence across four outlets – the manufacturing and factory unit in Karaswada, an outlet at ground floor of the Caculo Mall in Panjim, one at the Mall de Goa food court in Porvorim and one at Elite Towers, along the Mapusa Court slope.

Pallavi, a chartered accountant by profession, took the plunge to turn her passion for desserts into a viable business model. She spent a lot of time and effort on branding and market classification. Divided into three segments – Desserts N More, Desserts N More Premia and Wedding Bells, the ventures retail as a part of the bakery division of Geno Pharmaceuticals named ‘Dainty  Delights’.

“Business has definitely grown over the years and we have been able to cultivate a loyal clientele who order regularly from us. We now cover mostly all of North Goa through self-owned outlets or supply to other retail outlets from Bicholim to Goa Velha; with a good network in Mapusa, Porvorim and Panjim,” says Pallavi.

The trends have changed so much that every occasion demands a celebration; and every celebration is incomplete without the cutting of a cake. Moving away from having a spectacular cake designed exclusively at engagement ceremonies and weddings, cakes today form an integral part of the festivity, being a predecessor to the entrée. Every special day marked on the calendar, right from Mother’s Day and Children’s Day, to Raksha Bandhan, Easter, etc can beautifully be re-invented with the cutting of a cake. Holi, Diwali, Christmas or even Janmashthami, every design that the client has in mind, every elaborate theme, every tiny detail can be re-designed and produced onto a cake.

“We are a premium bakery chain and yet our prices are reasonable. We were amongst the first ones in Goa to do designer ‘Made to Order’ customized cakes; which is still our mainstay ”   Pallavi Salgaocar, Founder-CEO, Desserts N More

A majority of the times, the customer walks in with a set design in mind for a shaped, decorative or a tier-based themed cake. Once they freeze upon the specifications, the entire team working on the back-end execution is equally thrilled to execute it. A recently popular edition to their many talents is designer cakes with miniature tops, an instant hit with the ever creative trends of thematic occasions. It is especially a hit at children birthday parties! Desserts N More have executed designer cakes right from the jungle theme to superheroes, Minions, Pokemon, Smurfs, Disney and all of the likes. Every time there is a movie released and a child falls in love with a particular character, Desserts N More recreates it for them.

The business philosophy, as well as the specialty of Desserts N More is: Make, send, eat fresh with ‘no added preservatives.’ From tying up with hotels, caterers and having even catered to various corporate functions, Desserts N More provides an online portal via its website to placing and order for custom make and designer cakes.

Desserts N MoreThe Premia section of  Desserts N More houses some rare flavours, right from the Gateau au Chocolat, to Gulkhand cake, from Kitkat cake to Ferrero Rocher mousse cake, Red Velvet to Caramel cake, amongst others. When it comes to cheesecakes, there is an exotic variety too – Guava, Pinacolada, Oreo, Paan, Green apple, Raspberry, Nutella and many more. Browsing through the website, one is completely astounded by the assortment offered and the amount of creativity incorporated in the thought processes for the customized designer cakes.

Desserts N More also sells brown bread – healthy and prepared in-house with whole wheat, no maida and no sugar. An unparalleled best seller amongst the other products is the macaroons. Perfectly round, just the right amount of crispiness and held together with chocolate. They simply melt in your mouth. The delivery batches go out twice a day, replenishing the food particulars at the various outlets. Each batch of savouries is fresh and crisp; maintaining its impact every time it is consumed. Right from the puffs, the rolls, the sandwiches or the pitas and pizzas – each product has a shelf life and the team ensures that even if the quantity is less in terms of variety, the freshness and quality is always maintained.

“Desserts N More was born out of my passion for bakery products and I had not planned anything. The response has been good and my team regularly takes feedback from our customers on the orders they take. Our speciality is that we are a premium bakery chain and yet our prices are reasonable. We were amongst the first ones in Goa to do designer ‘Made to Order’ customized cakes; which is still our mainstay,” states Pallavi.

Jam rolls, lemon and chocolate tarts, swiss rolls, eclairs, donuts, cakepops, rum balls, mousses, Tiramasu, Serradura, dates custard pudding, tender coconut souffle – drools alike! The list is endless! Each and every item may not be available in person, but online, you can place an order beforehand and pick it up at the store. The option of home delivery is also available for orders above `1,000/- and a limited radius within Goa.

Assorted desserts
Assorted desserts

Cookies are a haven for all sweet tooth lovers and Desserts N More have quite a bunch of them. Right from coconut and butterscotch, to ginger, vanilla and choco chip and cashewnut cookies. A complete sell out are the shrewberry cookies. They also keep ‘khari’ – a light and yet crunchy tea time snack, accompanied by breadsticks and toast.

An entire section under ‘Gifting’ is devoted solely to chocolates. One can pick from a diverse range from almond, butterscotch, mint, strawberry, caramel, mango and other flavours in various shapes as well as sizes, enclosed in an attractive packing. A recent initiative of weaving in some form of innovativeness at Desserts N More was the making of chocolate bouquets for Valentine’s Day and it was yet again sold out! Desserts N More also provides gifting a custom made set of designer cupcakes in red velvet, chocolate, mocha and vanilla flavours.

“We are also constantly reinventing and changing our menu to avoid monotony and bring in new trending products in the market. We currently have a range of healthy products like 100% wheat bread, carrot wheat cake, ragi cookies and oats and flaxseed cookies. On the cards is enlarging this menu and getting in sugar free and low fat products for the diet conscious,” adds Pallavi.

With Easter around the corner, Desserts N More makes delectable Hot Cross buns. Not to forget, Easter eggs – chocolate, as well as with gum paste. They also have festive gift hampers and festive special Marzipan fruits in store.



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