CAMPUS | February 2017

St. Xavier’s College hosts ARENA 2017

ARENA 2017, an Inter-Collegiate business event, was recently organised by the DepaCampus ARENA 2017 Winners Rosary College, Navelimrtment of Commerce, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa with the aim of helping students to discover, develop and display their skills in marketing and the field of business. The chief guest for the inaugural programme was Dr. Santosh Patkar, Principal of Saraswat Vidyalaya’s Sridora Caculo College.

A total of ten diverse competitions were carefully crafted to explore the various aspects of commerce. ‘Inception’ challenged the participants to introduce their teams creatively, while ‘Solomon’s Heir’, ‘Capture the Market’ and ‘Share It’ allowed students to showcase the different skills needed to succeed in the world of business.

‘Battle it Out’ had participants passionately debating on crucial themes and ‘Creative Skillset’ encouraged students to develop a business model based on Aldefer’s Theory of Motivation. Adding to the excitement was ‘Classified’, a surprise event, which tested participants endurance and strategic planning ability. Through ‘Clash of Colours (Rangoli)’ participants attempted to redesign the ARENA logo while through ‘Shutterbug (Photography)’ the participants captured the candid pictures of the event.

Rosary College, Navelim were declared the overall champions of the ARENA 2017 and Goa Multi Faculty College, Dharbandora was declared the runners-up.

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