Women – The Symbol of Power

Attaining the peak in a traditionally male dominated citadel of business in India, women are writing success stories that refuse to go unnoticed. With their intrinsic talent and the vivid combination of delivering outcomes and personal responsibilities make the most powerful impact on all around them.

Women entrepreneurship has hit the media tipping point. According to the recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 126 million women have started or are successively running businesses. But the debate on how effectively can women run a business is stacking up the media with every new woman entrepreneur. In India, women comprise of about 30 percent of corporate senior management positions, which is remarkably higher than the global average of 24 percent. Though women entrepreneurs constitute only 10 percent of the total number of entrepreneurs in the country, the ones that have made their mark efficiently shine with their much evident successes.

Most of the women writing their destinies in the corporate world hail from urban or semi-urban but studies specify that many women especially from the rural areas contribute significantly to their family businesses in the shape of unpaid labor, sadly, whose efforts go unrecognized. Reflecting their personal traits into their professional lives, women continue to make remarkable transformations and become true heroes in the corporate field at a national and international level as well.


“It is time we stopped being surprised when we find a successful venture founded and managed by a woman”

Roshan Bandekar
Roshan Bandekar

I think it is just as easy or difficult for whosoever is ‘in business’ – whether woman or man. It is time we stopped being surprised when we find a successful venture founded and managed by a woman. I also do not understand why only the women in corporate type of businesses are always highlighted. Even the women who sell vegetables or fish or who have their bhaaji-pao gaadas are also businesswomen. As for the age old and much discussed ‘balance between home and work’ – I would say, if we have chosen to have a business along with looking after home and family, then we will do it. No complaints


Roshan Bandekar
Owner, ‘R’ Handmade Paperworks


Multi-taking is an essential attribute for success

Pallavi Salgaonkar
Pallavi Salgaonkar

I think being a business woman means you have to manage the business; and you also need to multi-task with home and child responsibilities. I am a hands-on mother, especially when it comes to my son’s education. I am lucky to have been married to a person who is very understanding as far as my work obligations go; and who has always shared responsibilities of my son’s upbringing and education. I have also been blessed with supportive in laws at home.

At Desserts N More, after crossing the initial hurdles of setting up a business, I have set up a team to whom delegation of responsibility is now possible; so I am free from the daily nitty-gritty of running the business. This leaves me sufficient time to supervise Geno Pharmaceuticals’ Accounts section of which I am the Executive Finance Director.

So I have been able to use my education as a Chartered Accountant at Geno and also pursue my creative ideas and culinary skills at Desserts N More – delicately balancing both to give me complete work satisfaction

Pallavi Salgaoncar
Director, Desserts n More


I have never thought of business being exclusively a ‘male domain’

Ruchira Karnik Kamat
Ruchira Karnik Kamat

Being an entrepreneur has been a journey of tremendous learning and hard work. It continues to help me evolve as a businessperson, as we move to the next phase of Work Better Training.

Having run two consecutive business ventures successfully, I would definitely say that being in business and seeing your work materialize into something that has a positive impact on society is an absolutely great feeling and is very fulfilling indeed!

As a woman in business, a belief in my abilities, confidence in myself and my ideas, and the fact that I have never thought of business being exclusively a ‘man’s space’ have helped me grow professionally and be successful.

Ruchira Karnik Kamat
Director, Work Better India


If you have to prove yourself all the time, you’re either going to be self-conscious or insecure

Nivedita Dempo
Nivedita Dempo

I love being a woman; and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When I decided to enter the fitness industry, I realised I was breaking into what was typically a man’s domain. My business was a long harboured dream come true and being a woman was definitely not going to stand in the way of my dream.

From early on, I was driven by the wish to excel. As a woman, I am not afraid to speak up and speak confidently. For me running a business has the same challenges that any man would have; until you come across those few people who have some contorted opinions on how women function, then it gets harder to deal with such people. I think it is simpler for men because they’re not as over-invested in the question of “Do I belong?” Everything is not a test for them. On the other hand, if you have to prove yourself all the time, you’re either going to be self-conscious or insecure, and neither of those is a recipe for success. As a woman you need that kind of inherent confidence that leads to grace. You want to be around people (family and friends) who give you that confidence and encourage you to do what you do best!

As far as equality is concerned, I think we are getting closer but it’s a complicated thing.

Nivedita Dempo
Founder, Studio 101


Women should be more assertive and develop negotiation skills for success

Vaishali JOshi - Copy - Copy
Vaishali Joshi

Being a woman in business is no different from being a businessman. I don’t think one should recognize any special constraints just because you are a woman. Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to get people to take you seriously, initially, but once they understand that you can be as good as the best, there’s no looking back.
A woman in business can really do well with a supportive and helpful family, particularly the spouse. I have been extremely lucky in that aspect. That is the one thing I feel a woman in business truly needs. Today women are working in all fields, and have a lot of dedication and determination. Not to forget, the best skill sets in the industry.
But I definitely feel that expecting unnecessary privileges and out of turn advantages is not fair on a woman’s part. If we truly believe in equality we must earn our positions.

Multi-tasking is definitely a woman’s forte and she brings those skills to her business; however, often women lack assertiveness and negotiation skills which they would do well to develop to compete more effectively on the business stage.
Confidence in your ability, understanding from the near and dear ones and, of course, a dash of luck are the finest ingredients for the success story of a woman in business.

Vaishali Joshi
Owner, The V-Factor


Being an entrepreneur hones life-skills

Sneha Bhandare
Sneha Bhandare

Being a woman entrepreneur is one of the roles I play, the others being a mother, a wife, a teacher and some more. Women are exceptionally good at multi-tasking and we switch roles so deftly. Being a founder of a brand has actually been a very good learning experience, wherein, right from inception till now I have seen it grow.

I have grown in my perspective in how I communicate, how I build my team, firefight at micro and macro levels, on effective networking and delegation of responsibilities. So you see these are also life skills and being an entrepreneur only hones these further.

In fact, the learning then spills over and my kids too, start developing another perspective to the same situation. And I must say that like everyone else I too have only 24 hours. So I have learned to prioritize how and where I spend my time. I spend as much time with my kids as much as at work and fortunately I’m able to balance it. But then I don’t get time for socializing too much and I’m quite alright with that.

But I still get time for family vacations, my fitness regimen and a date with my husband.

Sneha Bhandare
CEO, Nirvana Arts Pvt. Ltd.


I have never been more excited about business than today

Jennifer Lewis e Kamat
Jennifer Lewis e Kamat

From an academician to a businesswoman, is a transformation that I have welcomed gladly. I am a director of a firm that specializes in architectural and engineering design. I am also part of business forums like GCCI and BNI. I have never been more excited about business than today. With some of the tools that are needed for business within reach and having exposure to the business environment every single day, so many opportunities present themselves. I am considering expansion in other areas that never occurred to me earlier. To be a woman in business in Goa is wonderful, as there are schemes especially for women that the government and banks provide. Organisations such as CIBA and EDC offer you the much needed guidance to go about setting up your business.

Wishing all women in Goa, a beautiful international women’s day today and each and every day of their lives. I invite you to join Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry to enhance your business potential.

Dr. Jennifer Lewis e Kamat
(Chairperson GCCI Women’s Wing)
Director, Kamat Infratech Pvt Ltd.


Business is gender-neutral

Parvish Andani Kamat
Parvish Andani Kamat

Business is gender-neutral… what matters is your intention to meet customer parameters and be sensitive to the changing environment around my industry, which is communication across all genres. It is only incidental that I happen to be a woman. Repeat customers and glowing testimonials are what drives me at my workplace.

Parvish Andani Kamat
Director, Anka Services


Being in business means freedom to pursue an idea

Janaki Sincro
Janaki Sincro

Being in business means freedom to pursue an idea, as long as I want, with whoever I want. It means strength to persevere, to fight for one’s convictions.

It means creativity and new perspectives.

It means learning to stand after a fall without complaints, tears and blames!

And above all, it means pushing the boundaries, exploring, taking risks and yes…play! I absolutely love to play!

Janaki Sincro
Practicing Company Secretary


I follow the stories of women who have transformed their lives for the better

Sapna Sardesai
Sapna Sardessai

Women entrepreneurs are no longer rare… I would describe us as a brighter, smarter, hardworking race that is fast surging and ahead of our times.

What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, woman or otherwise, is having an open mind, which is far more important than being a ‘creative’ person. I started off in 2003 as a publisher, learnt a thing or two about having a balanced approach towards life and work and appreciating a lot of fine things in life that we often take for granted. I also saw this as an opportunity to recruit women, train them in the business, infuse leadership skills in them and make them productive and successful. I love to see them become role models to others who are stumped to see ‘ordinary’ graduates become extraordinary professionals.

I am deeply passionate about following the success stories of women who have transformed their lives for the better. This, and the love for the work I do, mainly designing, advertising and publishing is what has kept me going in this business for much over a decade. The fact that I am a woman makes me proud, every step I take.

I have had the good fortune of having a great support system that not only takes pride in what I do, but gives me the much needed energy and encouragement to take on new challenges.

Sapna Sardessai
Proprietor, Printer’s Devil


To achieve your goals, be focused, flexible and patient

Yellow Mehra
Yellow Mehra

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform,” says renowned author Diane Marie child.

I personally believe that every woman is a powerhouse in herself, bringing forth great energy and enthusiasm. They inspire each one of us with their stories of determination and challenges which they overcome with their inner capabilities.

Be it making decisions for business or changing mindsets, balancing work and home or establishing our own spaces – the first step to establishing ourselves is to embrace our positives and not lament over the negatives. Believing in your own capabilities is a true sign of success that each one of us must possess. In order to achieve our goals, we must be focused, flexible and patient in all our endeavours.

Yellow Mehra
Fiesta Beach Resort & Restaurant


Women entetpreneurship undoubtedly is a step towards economic independence

Gauri Falari
Gauri Falari

I experience priceless pleasure and joy as I look back at my  8+years journey as an enterpreneur. It unveils several episodes of exploring depths of potential, resolving practical challenges, pride in generating employment, learning to put systems in place,multi-tasking, and bring super productive. All this and the contentment of forming my own identity.

Women entetpreneurship undoubtedly is a step towards economic independence. Along the way, it demands discipline, commitment and  quest for excellence. wisdom towards gender equality and achievement through work life balance. Mother as Business women is Idol for children when they see constant best practices, commitment & striving for excellence,as an adage_seeing is believing!!

For me, women enterpreneurship is not merely a testimony to gender equality but has it’s core value towards  Family Empowerment!

Gauri falari
Founder, Shantadurga Concretes


Hey! So what’s the big deal about a women in business?

Syne Coutinho
Syne Coutinho


Hey! So what’s the big deal about a women in business?! It’s just as normal as one-third of all entrepreneurs in the world, whose history dates back to the first civilization in Sumeria where women served as traders and business owners.

Syne Coutinho






A woman is the full circle

Clare Marchon
Clare Marchon

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.  feel proud to be a women. I never dreamed about being a successful women. I worked for it and today besides running a printing press, I am also running Cabo Cabana Resort and several other businesses.

To all women I would like to say  Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, Tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

Clare Marchon
Founder, Print Xpress


Empowering and employing other women

Management Image
L to R: Doura Almeida Coutinho, Morzenia Almeida Coutinho and Marsha Almeida Coutinho

Creative, determined, driven, hardworking and dedicated these are all traits you would associate with women in the hospitality industry. We at Longuinhos Beach Resort Colva have always been passionate about our job, wanting to do something different all time and offering our guests a unique experience.We totally love this industry and the excitement quotient it carries. It is never monotonous. Being women and being in Business we always look forward to empowering and employing other women. Well sometimes work does get challenging and competitive, which again is very positive, At the end of the day its about proving your potential.

Morzenia Almeida Coutinho
Director, Longuinhos Beach Resort


Women who go through daily struggle, I say fight and emerge stronger

Sheetal Palan
Sheetal Palan

“Some women fear the fire, and some women simply become it” these words said by R. H. Sin holds completely true in today’s world.

The biggest change noticed is that we women are developing new thoughts and belief systems around our capabilities – rather than our gender. It’s easier for a woman of today to make her dreams a reality. I fall into the lucky lot with my extremely supportive and business-minded parents and a husband who is my best friend and my rock. In Goa, the Panjim branch of Manek  Gem is looked after by me and I can say that along with being a home maker, my business is equally, if not more important to me.

Some women go through tremendous hardships and discrimination in their workplace or home, they have to deal with sexist men who think that women should at stay home and make babies. I say, they have no idea what they are talking about. We are homemakers and bread winners, we are strength and beauty combined; and in this world which has evolved so much over the years, gives women an equal place at work.

For those women who still go through the daily struggle of trying to prove their point, I say fight and emerge stronger; because we are anything but the weaker sex.

Sheetal Palan
Director, Manek Gem Art Int’l


Successful women entrepreneurs are generally guilty women

Shraddha Jobanputra
Shraddha Jobanputra

There’s no ‘magic pill’ that effortlessly launches you out of your cubicle confinement and into the free world of entrepreneurship.

It was always a dream to become an entrepreneur, but I had no clue that the opportunity would knock on at a budding age of 24! Nevertheless, it was one of the best life decision, and since then there has been no looking back. This definitely was not an easy voyage for two significant reasons:

1) Being a woman (girl)
2) Being young.

It has been extremely challenging as there is constant pressure of balancing work and personal life! There is always scope for people to be judgmental about not being present for social events etc.  And, as it is rightly said, successful women entrepreneurs are generally guilty women, because a lot of time there is a choice to be made between personal and work life, unlike men in business.

Having said that, being in a field that gives me an opportunity to help people overcome their health concerns is certainly overwhelming. And that’s one thing that makes me happy and content in life. So at the end of the day, it’s a tough task, and as long as you have your priorities set right, it’s an amazing entrepreneurial ride.

Shraddha Jobanputra
Owner, Diet Clinic Panjim


Business success hinges on professionalism, prioritising and PR

Shruti Tiwari
Shruti Tiwari

Being in business, is not easy regardless of your gender. With so much competition and a limited market space, there seems to be a smaller chance of becoming successful in the longer run. It has taken me almost six years in this field to be at the position that I am in; and in this area of business it depends heavily on professionalism, prioritising and public relations.

Being a woman in business and a mum with huge dreams, I can completely relate to the endless to-do list of demands and I am frequently guilty of putting myself at the back of the queue. Alongside the needs of my business, my son, my family and my friends, it can seem like there is little time left for me. Due to constant multi-tasking, most entrepreneurial women either feel guilty about not having a balance between their work and family life, or they beat themselves up for not achieving what they set out to do because ‘life’ got in the way.

Shruti Tiwari
Managing Partner,
Vogue Luxury Weddings


Educate your girl child

Rashmi Patil

I feel great and empowered to be an educated professional… Being a woman more often than not, has been beneficial. People trust women more easily. However, the downside being initial uncertainty on the work capabilities directly or indirectly reflecting in people’s behaviour. But this is just a matter of time. After a while, when people begin to realise and understand my expertise on overseas education and immigration; and my ability  to deliver best results, they blindly trust and my follow my advice.

Today, I share an excellent rapport with my colleagues and people who have availed the services of Yes Migration Solutions or Escala Realty. The gift of education and belief in my own self that my parents instilled in us siblings, teaching us to be not afraid of failure; but to get up and start again when down, and how to smile in the toughest of situations, has been my greatest strength and has made me what I am. I request and plead to all parents of young girls – educate your child. Beti Padhao

Rashmi Patil,
Owner, Yes Migration Solutions

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