Following his interests, designing his destiny

Starting off at 17, Gohar fulfills his interests for design through his venture, Visual Vibes


Gohar Chanekar
Gohar Chanekar

AMONG THE MANY doctors and engineers today, there are always a few that try to write their own destiny through the talent and interests they possess, one among them is Gohar Chanekar with his venture, Visual Vibes. Following his keen interests in design and graphics, Gohar started out at the age of 17, and since then has been climbing the ladder of success with utmost dedication.

      Gohar pursued studies in computer engineering in the year 2010; but was forced to change paths due to his lack of interest in the subject. Though basic knowledge in engineering did not enhance his career profile, it certainly pushed him to follow his calling. His interest in the field of design grew during his engineering years, when he was exposed to several visual editing software. Gohar began taking up small scale projects like logo designing and greeting card designing for friends.

      Halfway through the course, Gohar found himself at a life-changing juncture; whether to continue with his studies or walk a risky path that may not guarantee success. “I had to clear a repeat examination in the second year. I had two options, either clear the subject and continue with engineering, or follow my interests that lay in the field of design,” he recollects.

      After dropping out of engineering, he joined FrameBoxx, a renowned institution for animation and VFX, and began to focus completely on his venture Visual Vibes. After a year, Gohar moved to Bangalore to complete an advanced level of the course. While in Bangalore, he continued freelancing and expanded his venture from graphic designing to skill refined services such as visual creations, 3D mapping and motion graphics.

      When asked about his first project, Gohar recollects the project done in 2011. “It was a small project for my teacher. They required a few designs made for a play and this was to be marketed online. Along with the online designs and flyers, I also edited the play video. According to Gohar, no project is less challenging, each one has its own set of unique demands, yet the one most intact in his mind remains a Cake Mapping stint he executed for a wedding celebration. Being the first to introduce 3D Cake Mapping in Goa, Gohar Chanekar made his name and fame with clients.

      He started off alone and never had a team under him until he moved to Bangalore. There he met Pinak Harmalkar. Like Gohar, he too, had quit engineering studies to follow his passion. Bonding over their similarities, the duo began working together. Training under Gohar, Pinak understood the company and their services and began helping out with the smaller projects, while Gohar tackled the more complex ones.

      A complete Bollywood fan before joining the industry, Gohar understood the importance of English music and how much his career and work depended on it.

      According to Gohar, it is social media and word of mouth that played the magic for him. “When I had started off, my first step was to get in touch with an LED Vendor who could rent out to me. He also offered me a show through his contacts and shockingly, that was a new year’s show, so it was a big responsibility from his side too as I was an amateur.” Gohar recollects.

      During his college years, he has designed for events such as Ozone in 2012 and Abhivyakti in 2013. He has also worked with other famous names such as the Goa Village by the Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Trust and the Chocolate Studio. He was involved in the branding of products like Brite Washing powder which was launched in South Africa, making it his first international project. Adding to his international works, is the names that he has been associated with over the years including renowned and acclaimed DJs like Marco.V, Firebeatz, Matisse and Sadco, Gregori Klosman, Bass Kleph, Zomboy, John’oo’ Fleming and more and also with renowned DJs of Goa such as Ajit Pai, Joel, Ryan Nogar, DJ Navin and more. Gohar has also worked with top notch hotels and pubs in Goa, to name a few: Tito’s, Mambo’s, Goa Marriott Resort, Grand Hyatt Goa, and more. Gohar also has his name associated with worldwide famous music festivals such as Vh1 Supersonic 2015, Sunburn 2014 and Oktoberfest Goa 2014.

      He also highlighted of few of the changes that he has observed over the years in the industry. “Years ago, people used to go to an event just to enjoy the party. The concept of taking back an experience did not exist. It was all about hanging out with friends, enjoying the music and having a good time. With time, people have become more aware of how things work behind the scenes and the efforts poured in to make these events a grand success. And now people know that it’s not just about the music but other factors such as the venue and lighting are equally important. If you remove these elements then, it would actually seem incomplete with just the music. Worldwide, it has evolved from just a music event to an entire experience.” Describing the changes he further added, “Fresh talent is pouring into the industry, whether organizers, designers or visual artists, a rush of creative talent is seen as the organizers too don’t work like before, they are always on the lookout to get something more creative and out of the box.”

      Shuffling between Goa and Bangalore, Gohar states that Goa has immense scope for design and visual art due to the vast night life that Goa has, however Bangalore scores higher with regards to corporate events as compared to Goa.

      “My mantra is self learning, I feel that whatever was taught to me at the institute, I knew about it way before. Watching tutorials online and reading more about the subject will help one remember what you learn forever. Learn it the hard way, that’s the best way,” says Gohar

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