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Best practices in manufacturing at BSVC

By Meenal Bale

Nitin Bandekar
Nitin Bandekar

NRB IS A name associated with many industries, events, social causes and now, even fitness. From the NRB Pharma Zambia Limited unit, to the running of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Narayan Bandekar School, to collaborating with Norbert’s fitness studio at Vasco and with Diet Clinic in the port town, not to mention the imposing hotel HQ, the Group has abundantly been giving back to the society and the city of Vasco in multiple ways. Established way back in 1977 at the Sancoale Industrial Estate, the Bandekar Speciality Valve Corporation (BSVC), part of the Narayan Rajaram Bandekar Group (NRB Group) is renowned for catering to class approved industrial and marine valves and fittings, applicable across diverse industries such as petrochemicals, power plants, marine, fertilizers; registered with Goa Shipyard, Hindustan Shipyard to name a few.

The products consist of butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves, ball valves, strainers valves, fire hydrant valves, storm valve, valve chest. Most valves are made based on the global standards, while the custom made valves have certain parameters and require a lot more research and funding; the manufacturing of which is efficiently undertaken by BSVC.

“Post the boom for iron ore in 2007, the requirements of the sea-going vessels, barges increased and we slowly graduated into marine valves. There was even a time, when my mother managed the factory, back in early 2001, while bringing in the licenses. In spite of a lot of ups and downs, today, we are a small scaled industry but a well established company with good sales,” says Nitin Bandekar, one of the Partners of BSVC.

The Group holds multiple partnership firms with Narayan Rajaram Bandekar as the Chairman and Managing Director and Amit Bandekar, the other Partner along with Nitin. While trying to re-establish itself; BSVC decided to get into a larger basket of products, with a sense of consistency. Restructuring the marine business helped them acquire better orders and opened up more opportunities with shipyards across the countries, aiding in the trading of other valves instead of merely manufacturing.

With the firm belief that quality is the key essence in marine and shipbuilding industry, BSVC has a good testing facility

“We thought whatever we cannot manufacture, we can always trade. We started to market ourselves with the new addition to our already existing marine industry products and we could thus participate in tenders that we weren’t manufacturing at all like globe valves, strainers, flanges, which are primarily a part of the marine ship line. We have been quite happy with this and in the last few years, due to the emphasis upon ‘Make in India’, we have been able to strengthen our goodwill in the industry. Today, we are doing quite a good quantity of business with Goa Shipyard, along with a few others,” adds Nitin.

With the firm belief that quality is the key essence in marine and shipbuilding industry, BSVC has a good testing facility in the state. There are about seven employees in the engineering, design and production team, and about ten at the factory. The company follows best business practices and is firm on its unique selling points. They only offer a range of class approved valves that give their clients an edge, as well as a sense of superior quality with the finished product. Castings are purchased from reputed foundries and that ensures to minimise the leakage and rejection aspect.

“We do not have the capacity to get into manufacturing of other products. We outsource most of our work and only do the assembly and testing here. Honestly, it would be unfair to expand without being well equipped. We are happy with our existing clients and would not like to jump borders only because there is an opportunity presenting itself somewhere. We would rather focus on nurturing our strengths. In the next five years, we can foresee a good turn-around but as of now, we need good investments, to reap the fruits of our hard work; which we will put in as and when required. In this industry, the delivery can be delayed for a few days in extreme cases, but the quality simply cannot be compromised upon,” says Nitin Bandekar.

Catering to a clientele right from the Goa Shipyard Limited to Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, BSVC is certified by the Indian Registrar of Shipping, the American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and the Projects and Development India Limited.

The company has witnessed a slow and steady growth. When asked about plans of expansion “Yes, we too have constraints. There is no quality foundry making industry in Goa and we have to procure the basic castings from places like Belgaum, Kolhapur, Coimbatore, etc. That becomes a hassle for a valves manufacturer. Besides, foundry is a polluting industry, and the cost of labour in the state is also very high. We can supply, but the competition is so much and the manufacturing cost is so high that we have to keep low margins. Maybe in the future we would like to go in for more machines and put up our own foundry to avoid the expenditures incurred through outsourcing,” concludes Nitin as he speaks about the future plans of the engineering arm of the NRB Group

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