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With its recently opened showcase area, Casadeco is out to impress with quality and variety

By Alexia Fernandes

IMG_0771CASADECO IS VEEAR Enterprise’s first venture into retail and turnkey interior furnishing solutions. Jeet Tolani and his partner Rohit Jain started this venture 9 years ago in 2008 with an objective to provide in-house solutions to all commercial and residential, interior and exterior furnishing. Dubbing the brand as supply chain oriented for all furnishing solutions, whether residential or commercial, Casadeco has a portfolio of more than 500 designs for outdoor/garden furniture, lighting fixtures, hotel room sets, decorative PVC panels, wooden doors, high security metal doors, metal engraved tiles, and WPC decking. “There is no particular product that we say we cannot procure.  If it’s a hotel project, we start all the way from room furniture, to sanitary and bathroom items, hotel linen, poolside furniture, banquet furniture, even kitchen equipment and cutlery. We have it all,” Jeet explains.

Starting small they began by providing turnkey solutions for residential apartments. From overall furnishing, to the smallest detail of light or bathroom fixtures, Jeet and Rohit made sure their work was proficient enough to impress. One successful project after another, Casadeco grew remarkably in both experience and size to offer complete interior and exterior solutions. “Currently, we work mostly on projects for hotels, resorts, commercial entities like schools and hospitals and corporate offices. However, we also take up assignments for residential spaces. We have even recently done a couple of cafes in Bengaluru- complete with bistro styled ambience and concept lighting.”

No challenge is too complex for the duo. Regardless of how vague or difficult customer requirements may seem, they hit target to the nearest 2%. “Sometimes clients are indecisive and repeatedly change their specifications. However for us it’s always ‘Customer First’.

IMG_0786Targeting quality and not quantity, Casadeco ensures that any project it takes up is wrapped up in the end with the customer absolutely delighted. Rohit and Jeet recall one of their smallest yet most challenging projects of furnishing a compact 450 sq. ft. apartment for an acquaintance, to meet functionality and style. “It was a 1BKH studio holiday home but he wanted everything in it. We managed to craft a single block of furniture that innovatively folded into a table, a smaller coffee table, a study and a portion that supported the bed.” Impressed with the level of clever engineering, the client continues to use the apartment as a flagship of Casadeco’s extensive effort.

“Our tie-ups are with factories based across the world. We source from Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Malaysia,” Rohit explains. Their special metal engraved tiles are supplied all the way from Spain. With no compromise on quality, Casadeco invests maximum effort into getting the best when it comes to sourcing quality material. “We have poured in a lot of time and effort to know our vendors and are completely confident of their ability in executing the projects that we give them,” explains Rohit. Vendors are selected only after thorough research, visits to the factories to ascertain scalability and also getting acquainted with the top management. When promising customers quality any margin of error is inexcusable.

IMG_0817 Setting standards for high quality coupled with affordable prices, Casadeco tries to fit all work within a reasonable budget. Customizing to the smallest detail, whether it’s a change of colour, a tweak in design or using an alternate material they make sure it’s all within the client’s fixed budget. Accommodating a number of specifications may sometimes put a strain on finances, but Casadeco tries well to keeps the customer in the loop at every progressive stage clarifying all cost differences involved. “If clients don’t have an in house architect working for them, we offer the services of our Consultant Architect Sacheen Pai Raiker from PRa7i who is well versed with the range that we can offer. All customer specifications are listed out clearly in a point wise format and then we begin to work on the designs. Our designers come up with creative designs for furniture and even put together a 3D mock up or short videos to help illustrate details.”

FullSizeRender  “We thought it would be good to have a display area in Panjim itself, where customers could have a chance see first-hand some of the latest trends in the industry.” The recently opened display area is lavishly furnished and houses some of Casadeco’s elaborate mock-up hotel bedroom sets, sample mouldings and decorative PVC panels, lighting solutions and a range of 50+ doors including high security steel doors. But this is just an understatement of the variety Casadeco offers, which excludes the 500 plus options it has on catalogue and their willingness to tailor any product to customer specifications. “We want to offer all options available right here in Goa, so that customers don’t have to go out of Goa to Mumbai or Delhi to look for things. They can come to Casadeco and get their specifications met with finesse,” says Jeet.

Our tie-ups are with factories based across the world. We source from Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Malaysia – Rohit Jain

Innovation is a continuous process, and at Casadeco this takes top priority. “We regularly visit international exhibitions and fairs, to keep ourselves updated with the latest changes and trends, so that we can introduce the same to the local market,” says Rohit. The high security steel door is one of their key products and is available exclusively with Casadeco. These metal doors, complete with frame, come in a variety of finishes and security options which make them ideal as residential main doors. Casadeco also offers a wide range of decorative PVC wall panels which can replace the use of marble, wood or solid colours. The WPC mouldings also comes in a range of stone, wood and fabric finish which are a creative alternative to the regular white POP or gypsum mouldings available in the markets. The display area also has a range of outdoor furniture, gazebos, swings, WPC decking and artificial turfs. Casadeco also has a variety of lighting options like spotlights, surface LEDs, high-bay lights, solar powered lights for outdoor and indoor use. The highlight of the showroom of course is the IKEA like hotel rooms sets on display. Catering to all star classes of hotels, these room mock ups are complete in all details and offer stunning options at very competitive prices.

We thought it would be good to have a display area in Panjim itself, where customers could have a chance to see first-hand some of the latest trends in the industry – Jeet Tolani

IMG_0761  Though based in Goa, Casadeco has delved into projects around India as well. “We have done sample flats for developers and supplied all furnishings for a restaurant in Pune. We have also supplied office furniture to a Bangalore based MNC and more,” adds Jeet. With its own mini IKEA in Panjim, Casadeco is setting its eyes on new horizons looking to expand its brand across borders to Pune, Kolhapur, Belgaum and Bangalore. Though their workings are mostly with builders, architects and interior designers; many individuals have come in for turnkey solutions. Whether it’s a furnishing from scratch or a complete revamp Casadeco is stirring lot of response locally

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