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Ashok Magdum | Master Industries

Customizing products as per client needs with life-long build quality

By Ramrai Naik

img_0124ASHOK MAGDUM, RAN a concrete product industry for a decade with a vision of manufacturing innovative products with lifelong endurance. Ashok is known for his ability to develop products as per client specifications at a reasonable price, timely delivery and without compromising on the quality. He gives utmost importance to Human Resource Management. He has a strong belief that workmen’s well-being has a direct reflection on the company’s performance.

Ashok completed his education in Metallurgical Engineering, and as part of a college project, he had developed a Laterite cutting machine which he had hoped to manufacture in the future. However, soon after graduating, he joined his late brother Jaypal Magdum in the civil construction business. Ashok claims, “Under the name ‘Magdum Brothers’ we were among the top contractors in Goa.”

At a young age of 35, Ashok had to retire as a civil contractor due to a medical condition. Although he had to quit as a contractor following his doctor’s advice, he just couldn’t leave the construction business completely. Ashok felt that he had enough experience img_0309and knowledge to become a manufacturer in the same construction business. This led to the birth of ‘Master Industries’ in Ponda in 2002. Ashok believed that he was gifted in art and engineering drawing skills which helped him in designing and developing good products throughout his career.

Ashok says that construction of buildings or houses come under basic human needs. There is a lot of demand for precast concrete products because they last longer and are also economical. He possesses the ability to design products by understanding customer requirements in terms of architectural designs and other specifications.

Our products are used by the clients for constructing long life structures. A maximum portion of their income is utilised for this work, which is why we don’t produce products with low quality for high profit. We feel equally responsible with them to their potential customers. We always give good quality products to the customer with a reasonable margin – Ashok Magdum


Ashok Magdum
Ashok Magdum

Master Industries manufacture and supply precast concrete products like concrete blocks, door window frames, drainage covers, chamber covers, compound grills, paver blocks, etc. Ashok claims that altogether they manufacture over a hundred products. Ashok is quality conscious of the products manufactured by his company; he assures, “We give five years guarantee on each product against quality and strength.”  Ashok elaborates on the services, “We also undertake the laying of Mangalore tiles on sloping roof with the help of our own designed products like RCC rafters and banners.” Master Industries conducts periodical testing of product quality at the civil department at Goa Engineering College.

Master Industries has high client retention as they believe in quality that speaks for itself and ensure timely delivery. “Our factory is running on goodwill and referrals. Our product design and finish itself has built trust among our clients and they are completely satisfied with our products. Goa’s well-known architects and engineers recommend our products to their clients,” says Ashok with pride. Ashok elaborates on the common difficulties faced in the construction business. He says, “There is always a shortage of both skilled and non skilled labourers in this sector. We at Master Industries ensure that all our workmen are an asset to the industry. If they are happy, satisfied and secured, then they will be able to work better. We always take care of our workers by providing them with basics such as education for their children, insurance, zero interest loans, and health care and wellness. Presently, we have a workforce of 25 people.” He further lists out some of the challenges that they tackle. “We face difficulty in maintaining high quality at low price as we place emphasis on new innovative ideas which require regular research and development.” He also alarms on the duplication of their products done by other manufacturers who completely sacrifice on the product quality. Ashok explains the business policies of Master Industries, “Our products are used by clients for constructing life-long structures. A maximum portion of their income is utilised for this work, which is why we don’t produce products with low quality for high profit. We feel equally responsible to their potential customers. We always give good quality products to the customer, which are priced reasonably.”  Master Industries manufacture their products adhering to customer specifications. They also develop new products ordered by architects, engineers and other clients.

img_0241Ashok Magdum is an active member of environmental organisation ‘Nirmal Vishwa’. He’s also a member of NGO ‘Aami Fondekar’ which works for the development of Ponda taluka. Master Industries is extensively fulfilling the requirements of Ponda taluka as well as parts of North Goa. Ashok plans on expanding the company to meet demands all over Goa and establish themselves as a stronger brand in the future. Ashok Magdum asserts, “If our next generation takes interest in diversifying in any other field, then I am ready to join them to extend my experience and vision.” Clients and his employees’ satisfaction is what keeps Ashok Magdum motivated every day. Having catered to the construction industry for more than a decade, he believes that Master Industries should come up with more innovative products which simplify customer needs.

Ashok concludes, “I feel I have not yet achieved my target and we have not realized our full potential. We have yet to make our presence felt across Goa”



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