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Dr Karan Singh delivers Vasudeva Dempo memorial lecture

Dr. Karan Singh

THE VASUDEVA V. Dempo Memorial Lecture series was held on the 26th of November in commemoration of the eighteenth death anniversary of the much-admired former chairman of the Dempo Group, Vasudeva V. Dempo. Noted statesman and philosopher, Dr. Karan Singh delivered the fifth oration in the series on ‘The Four Pillars of Learning’. Dr. Karan Singh, 85, has played successful roles as Regent to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Chancellor of the State University, former President of the Indian Council, one-time member of the Lok Sabha for the constituency of Udhampur, former minister of Union cabinets holding portfolios as diverse as Tourism & Civil Aviation, Health & Family Planning, and Education & Culture. As a Rajya Sabha member, he represents Delhi, and is also the Chairman of Parliament’s Ethics Committee. Dr. Singh has authored a number of writings on the yogi inspired and influenced by the philosophy of Sri. Aurobindo.

Dr. Singh stated that the ‘Four Pillars of Learning’ included learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. “Learning to know is the first pillar, which is the ‘gyan yog.’ In an era when information is doubling every two years, we must learn. We have to construct knowledge, and from knowledge we have to distil wisdom. Otherwise, if there is no goal, we will be lost in the ocean of information that is around us.” elaborated Dr. Singh. He opined that one of the greatest drawbacks of the Indian Education System is the conflict between learning and doing. He said, “We keep producing lakhs and lakhs of graduates every year but they have nothing to do and are unemployed. We need to make them employable. Our IITs are very good but between the school and the IIT, we need thousands of ITIs so that young people, all don’t have to go to IITs. They can go to the various trades of activity. Today, we can send a missile out to the space, but we are unable to find an electrician to fix things in our house.” Dr Singh and his words assured that learning to do should be out of dedication and not just a mechanical process to be completed. Considering ‘learning to live together’ as an important part of societal learning, the former Union Minister said, “Despite all our economic and technological progress, we have been torn apart. Therefore, we need to learn to live together.”

The fourth pillar of ‘learning to be’ will be achieved once you peep within yourself and understand your own potential this will help in the growth of one’s inner self.

“If we take these four concepts together, they represent a holistic philosophy, which can help us through much of the difficulties that we are facing today,” assured Dr. Singh.

The Memorial Lecture series has seen orations by a galaxy of personalities of esteem and accomplishment, thereby contributing to the cultural discourse of Goans, an avowed aim of the Vasantrao Dempo Education & Research Foundation, under whose aegis the oration series is held. Previous orators have been the late P. V. Narasimha Rao (former Prime Minister), K. V. Kamath (ICICI Bank), J. J. Irani (Tata Steel) and Dr. R. K. Pachauri (TERI and Nobel Co-laureate)


Designathon Works

Bringing out creativity in children across the globe

Designathon which goes by the motto, ‘Inspire Children to be design thinkers, solve for global challenges!’ event was held on November 12, 2016, had 18 children from the economically challenged starta of society participating in it. They were given craft tools such as Legos, craft paper, colour pencils, toy electric motors etc to develop prototypes of their choice.

20161112_144223The idea behind conducting the work shop was to give the children an exposure to the world and help them come up with solutions to world problems while empowering them through this initiative.

Designathon was a full day event held at Chaska Restaurant in Porvorim. Samir Mardolker, an Accredited Facilitator of Designathon Works organised the event in Goa. When asked about the purpose of organising the event Samir replied that it was organized to encourage design thinking among the participating children. Samir Mardolkar an Insight Led Strategist, Singapore gathered support for this philanthropy from his friends and family based in his home state Goa. Geetika Singh, Mandar Marathe, Kapil Surlakar, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly and many others have supported the cause.

Samir Mardolkar says: “I came across Designathon Works who are attempting to inspire kids around the world. We have signed up to their vision to train kids to change the world. We want to focus the training for kids from lower income strata of society in Goa, India.” He further adds, “We believe this will inspire confidence in the kids and belief in their abilities. We do not want economic status to impede a child’s ability to think big. We want to equip them with the best tools and give them global exposure.”

Designathon Works is a global non-profit entity based in Amsterdam envisions a world, where children’s creativity and technological know-how is cultivated to design a sustainable world for people and planet.
Rotary Club Panaji Riveira, led by Raja Melvani co-ordinated the event.

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