Packaging with a conscience

Rotek Laminates’ best-selling product is 100% biodegradable.

By Ramrai Naik

img_2802ROTEK LAMINATES, A flexible packaging industry, was established by Dhruv Madan in 2010 with a strong determination to “become customers’ preferred choice for quality, service and new product development.” Rotek now supplies to many parts of India and exports to eight countries. The industrial unit, which was initially started to cater specifically to the pharmaceutical industry, has evolved into a full-fledged, flexible packaging plant that satisfies all packaging needs.

Dhruv Madan says that the main motivation behind starting Rotek Laminates was to cater to increasing market demand. The flexible packaging industry is growing at 25% per annum in India and per capita consumption in India is at 4.3 kgs per annum, in comparison to 42 kgs in Germany and 19 kgs in Taiwan. Dhruv is confident that the growth potential will be huge in the coming years.

Secondly, his education played a big role in him choosing this sector, “My Bachelor’s degree helped inculcate business acumen while a post graduation diploma in plastics and chemicals from the Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai helped with the various technical aspects of the trade.”

img_4524Rotek Laminates has attracted investors to hasten expansion. This will make their presence felt in neighbouring states. Dhruv reveals, “A venture capital firm from Mumbai investing in EIC (Emerging Indian Companies) has invested in our company and picked up 15% stake. We are setting up a new state-of-the-art unit in Peenya, Bangalore. The latest packaging machines are being imported from Germany to cater to the new sector and take advantage of opportunities which come our way, thanks to our new partners. Thus far, we have focused only on packaging but will be investing into backward integration in the same industry to bring in newer technology and techniques.”

Rotek Laminates has concentrated on specialised packaging products which are completely biodegradable. These are made of a set of polymers that are derived from renewable raw materials like starch (for example, corn, potato, tapioca, etc), cellulose, soy protein, lactic acid, etc. These are not hazardous during production and decompose into carbon dioxide, water, biomass, etc when discarded.

Dhruv feels that providing environment-friendly options is Rotek Laminates’ unique selling point, “Our major seller is the 100% biodegradable packaging with zero carbon footprints.”

Simg_4527peaking of the challenges that he faces Dhruv points out that there is a large gap between when the products are aggressively marketed and when they are available for purchase. This gap has to be reduced in order to convince the customer to choose his products over already established brands. Another problem is environmental impact. Dhruv adds, “Initially, it was difficult getting skilled local manpower.”

Rotek Laminates has eight colour auto control printing, lamination, slitting, and bag-making machines. They package their products in a manner that highlights their brand and enhances their appeal on super market and store shelves. They also have an in-house warehouse to stock ample quantity of raw materials to ensure timely supplies. The plant has 24×7 uninterrupted industrial grid power supply that enables superior productivity. The production facility is dust and insect free with forced ventilation, and is cleaned every three hours to maintain complete hygiene.

Rotek Laminates has clients across the country. Dhruv informs, “Our major client is Johnson & Johnson; we provide certified packaging for 12 plants in India. We also cater to many Indian companies manufacturing stents for surgeries; they require specialised packaging to protect their ultra sensitive products.” Rotek Laminates has experienced manpower to cater to the various needs of the packaging industry. “We have a small team, currently of 12 people, with more than ten years experience in this industry. With new investors coming in, they have brought immense experience and knowledge for new markets which certainly will show results in years to come,” Dhruv informs.

unnamedWhen asked about his work philosophy, he says, “I live by three things – learn by doing, maintain a sense of humility, celebrate your achievements.” Dhruv Madan, having started his entrepreneurial journey at young age, sees an idol in Sir Richard Branson, He recalls his words and he wants today’s young generation to follow the same: “Don’t ever let other people use your age as an excuse to not take you seriously.”

Rotek Laminates’ vision is to satisfy every customer and stakeholder through continual development of people, products, processes and environment and to build an enduring relationship, which rests on the solid foundation of mutual trust and understanding by adhering to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

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