Diet Clinic to provide weight loss solutions

logoIf you want to lose weight, then look no further than Diet Clinic- Powered by Harpreet Pasricha. The clinic does work in areas of spreading nutritional awareness through camps, workshops in schools and corporate, across Goa. Their aim and objective is to reach out to a wide section of society including students, working professionals, and helping those who face problems with weight, hypertension, diabetes, PCODs etc.
The clinic also takes initiative in organizing interactive nutritional sessions all over Goa that are exclusively conducted by Harpreet Pasricha herself, to help people take control of their health by making better food choices. The sessions held by them are conducted on various topics like child nutrition, diabetes control etc.
In addition to their weight loss plans, Diet Dr Clinic- Powered by Harpreet Pasricha has also introduced a special 10-week programme with four hour long workshops personally conducted by Harpreet. The topics for these are bridal nutrition and marathon nutrition sessions.
During their bridal nutrition sessions, the team lays emphasis on diet tips to slim down, increase energy levels, guidance on lustrous hair, stress management, relationships and make-up tips by an image consultant.
In Marathon nutrition sessions, they cover topics on accurate body analysis, power foods to improve performance, pre race nutrition, post race recovery etc.

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